Originally from Lyon in France, I grew up in a city far from the ocean. 

I was introduced to surfing when I was 18 years old, which gave me a deep love for the sea.

This sport has become a drug that will guide the rest of my life. While feeding my passion for surfing, I discovered the world of photography. This obsession for surfing and the sea caught up with me and made life in the city difficult for me.

I then left school in the middle of the year and flew to Hawaii! November 2018, I was 20 years old, I landed on the island of Hawaii, armed with my first camera and I spent 3 months surfing and photographing every day.

With the ocean and photography as my main passions, it seemed a natural process to combine the two and follow my dream. Since then, I have spent the last years travelling around the world in search of waves and moments to capture.

I have been based in French Polynesia for one year and the famous wave of Teahypoo has become my playground.

“Being a photographer is an amazing career and every day I’m thankful that I get to travel the world, meet people and explore what’s out there. I wanna show people how many beautiful places there are out in the world. Photography is such an incredible medium, it has ways to tell stories and to remember certain moments.”

– Gaëtan Charlin